About AGO at UCSB

Welcome to the Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega Fraternity at UCSB. AGO is the only Christ-Centered Fraternity at UC Santa Barbara and offers a very unique environment for Christian brotherhood, community and spiritual growth. We here at Alpha Gamma Omega pride ourselves on our strong brotherhood, excellent academic performance, competitiveness in athletics, and our Christian fellowship. We strive to better the community, university, and ourselves by participating in and around the Santa Barbara area. As part of both the Greek system and the Christian community, we hold very dear to our morals, ethics, and purpose that it shall be an aim to further ourselves as individuals. Here at AGO, we enjoy spending time in fellowship through social gatherings and personal interaction. Each of us here brings something new, different, and unique to the body. We’re all brought here by our love for the Lord and hope that upon your arrival to UCSB, you’ll stop by and say hello. We’d be happy to show you around, so stop on by!

What Sets Us Apart

At AGO, we seek to make our house a place where college men (both undergraduate and graduate) can experience true brotherhood. Guys here are never pressed into some mold and asked to be something that they are not. AGO is a place where you can genuinely be who you are. At AGO, we have all found brotherhood with people utterly unlike those who would have been within our circle of friends in any other circumstance. AGO is different from other organizations in the Greek system in that its small size and high view of its core purposes pushes the ideal of brotherhood and family to the front of the stage. Chances are that the guys in AGO know all of their brothers much better than guys in larger IFC fraternities do. AGO is nationally unified. Multiple times per year we are able to see AGO guys from chapters in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Virginia. It is common for AGO men to become very close friends with other brothers at different chapters. AGO is also cheaper than other fraternities. Our dues are consistently low due to an ideal of budgeting that puts good stewardship of money at a high priority. And rent in the AGO house is hands-down the cheapest in Isla Vista; guys can literally save thousands of dollars by joining AGO and living at our house. Finally, AGO offers something very different from any other Christian organization on campus. Leadership is a high ideal of our fraternity (and really of the Greek system in general), and men who join AGO are given multitudes of opportunities to develop their leadership abilities. The tightness of brotherhood allows brothers-in-Christ to be bound together in a way that provides Christian fellowship, brotherhood and accountability in a way that, while certainly possible and encouraged in another setting, requires much more time and effort. The fact that AGO men  live their lives together allows each individual AGO man to live out Acts 2:42-47 in a way that only leaders of particularly committed members of other Christian organizations can do. And getting to this level of tight Christian brotherhood happens quickly, as the introduction to the fraternity is meant to introduce these ties, and does so successfully after a very short lapse of time.

Being Christ-Centered

Our fraternity exists to satisfy these purposes:

  1. To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,
  2. To promote Christian fellowship,
  3. to present Christian ideals in word and in deed
  4. To search reverently for the truth
  5. To uphold the traditions and ideals of the University
  6. To deepen the spiritual lives of its members

These purposes are basic to why we function as a fraternity, and each purpose is rooted in putting Christ first. There is a fraternal statement of faith; however, it is not necessary to subscribe to that or any particular statement of faith in order to become a member. But Christian principles guide the how and why of what we do, and the whole of the fraternity is centered on Christ. In Ephesians 1, it talks of God adopting us into his family. We believe that sharing in that adoption, which is freely given as a gift, binds us together as brothers in a uniquely unifying way. In a sense, the brotherhood we share is different from the brotherhood found in other fraternities in that it is not exclusive to those who wear our letters or honor our traditions; instead, it is shared with the community-at-large of fellow believers who have also been adopted into the family of that same God.